Buddy Watcher System


Great diver communication system.  Get your buddy’s attention anytime.

*Please be aware that the manufacturer is out of business.  There is no warranty or support*

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The water is clear, the view seemingly endless.  Suddenly a silhouette approaches out of the distance.  What starts off as only a dark outline quickly turns out to be a school of barracuda. Your buddy, however, does not notice them.

The perfect time to use your BUDDY-WATCHER®!

You push the call button and in the blink of an eye your buddy’s device vibrates.  He looks at you and sees you pointing at the barracuda … .

This is but one of many possible situations in which the BUDDY-WATCHER® can be used for easy and fast communication between dive buddies.

Click through the BULLET POINTS on the left-hand-side of the screen and learn more about the features and benefits of the BUDDY-WATCHER®.


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