Faber Low Pressure tank (2640 psi) with Pro Valve


The Faber low pressure scuba tanks are some of the most popular tanks for recreational and sidemount diving. This item ships for free

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We strongly recommend that you take your new tank to your local dive shop for VIP and assembly!!! Tanks offer a 2400+10% (2640) PSI fill pressure in North America. Self draining tank boot included Nitrox ready up to 40% Hot Spray Zinc Galvanized base grey epoxy based coating.  The LP85’s are available with no paint. Clear Polyurethane sealant finish Creates a Durable corrosion resistant finish Phosphatized internal treatment

  • Weight: From: 31.2lbs to 41lbs (14.15kg to 18.6kg)
  • Diameter: From: 7.01″ to 8.02″ (17.8cm to 20.37cm)
  • Height: From: From: 25.98″ to 26.77″ (66cm to 68cm)

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