Hollis Katana Dual 2 Side Mount System


The Katana dual 2 harness sets a new standard in sidemount diving.

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The Katana 2 harness sets a new standard in sidemount diving. Designed in collaboration with Edd Sorenson from Cave Adventurers, we developed a unique new “Quick Fit System” which allows users to easily tailor the one-size-fits-all harness to their specific size or adjustment preference in a matter of minutes. We added more lift, more weight capacity, single and dual bladder options and the best quality materials Hollis has always been known for. Katana 2 is also the first sidemount harness in the world to be designed with closed circuit sidemount capability, with integrated mounts for the popular KISS sidewinder. Katana 2 breaks away from traditional designs and offers more customization and versatility.


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