Great Lakes Shipwrecks, New Discoveries and Updates (book)


There are so many SHIPWRECKS in the Great Lakes,
and we are in the midst of a
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This book, which documents the 100+ shipwreck discoveries (and identifications)
made in the Great Lakes during the past eight years since 2008, and updates many earlier finds,
is the companion book to the 608-page 
The Great Lakes Diving Guide,
a book that itself relates the stories of more than
1,000 shipwrecks found in these inland seas.
Great Lakes Shipwrecks features fair-sized chapters on
the St. Lawrence River,
Lake Ontario,
Lake Erie,
Lake Huron,
Lake Michigan,
and Lake Superior,
with shorter chapters on the Niagara River, the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair, and the St. Clair River.
Great Lakes SIDEBARS include stories of a U-boat possibly wrecked in the St. Lawrence River,
when different parts of the Great Lakes loved to burn old ships as public spectacles,
the unusual “Disappearing Acts” in Lake Erie,
the War of 1812’s Bicentennial in the Great Lakes,
Great Lakes photographer Louis Pesha,
the Great Storm of 1913 Centennial,
updates on the wreck of the GRIFFON,
stories of when ice sank ships,
the EASTLAND disaster centennial,
Great Lakes members of the Women Divers Hall of Fame,
and “In Memoriams.”
Contributing artists include Marcelle Blanchette, Robert Doornbos, Cal Kothrade, Kevin McGee and Cindy LaRosa,
Robert McGreevy, NOAA Thunder Bay Sanctuary and Preserve, Peter Rindlisbacher, Roland “Chip” Stevens, and the Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago.
While quite a few of the images in this book were taken by the authors,
Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg,
other photographers included Vlada Dekina, Chris Doyal, Jerry Eliason, Ken Merryman and team, Jitka Hanakova,
Joyce Hayward, Joe Hoyt, John Janzen, Cal Kothrade, Warren Lo, Bill Martinez, Andy Morrison, Scott Reimer,
Becky Kagan Schott, David Trotter, Bob Underhill,
Valerie van Heest, and David van Zandt.
6″ x 9″ softcover, 224 pages, 
500+ black-and-white photos, drawings, and maps,
plus bibliography and index. 
ISBN 978-0-9882947-3-8.


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