The Great Lakes Diving Guide Second Edition


A must read for any Great Lakes Diver.


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This new second edition of The Great Lakes Diving Guide is the most comprehensive guide ever written about exploring Great Lakes shipwrecks. This 608-page book gives the histories, locations (in GPS and Loran coordinates) and descriptions of over 1,000 shipwrecks. There are more than 1,200 photographs, 175 drawings, many maps and side scan sonar images. 30 historically Significant Events are dramatically highlighted. The book is organized in fifty geographic chapters for easy reference. Greatly enlarged and updated from the first edition, this informative book includes an expanded chapter on The Hunt for Great Lakes Shipwrecks and a new chapter about how to organize and successfully run a scuba dive club. 150+ newly-located wrecks are described in this amazing new edition of this popular book. The Great Lakes Diving Guide represents a lifetime of underwater exploration in the freshwater seas.


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