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In April, 1912, on the maiden voyage of Titanic, the world’s newest, largest, and most luxurious passenger ship, 345 of the 1,343 passengers were ultimately bound for the Great Lakes region: 61 made Chicago their destinations, 24 aimed for Detroit, while hundreds more headed for smaller locations and rural settings in Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, western Pennsylvania,and western New York state.
Some were returning to their homes; others hoped to settle in a new land.
Some survived the world’s most famous sinking; others never reached their goals.
This book tells their stories. Also included:
— the similarities between Titanic and her 1912 Great Lakes counterpart, the City of Detroit III
— tales of two artists on board Titanic who had strong Great Lakes connections, and stories of two Great Lakes artists who have strong Titanic connections!
— a comparison of England’s White Star Line and the Great Lakes’ White Star Line
— the story of Morgan Robertson, the Great-Lakes-born-and-raised writer who uncannily predicted Titanic’s loss 14 years earlier
— the story of the retired Great Lakes captain from Milwaukee who, with his family, was on board Titanic!
— the effects that Titanic’s sinking had upon wireless (radio) development in the Great Lakes
— the role that Titanic’s sinking played in the tragic capsizing of the steamer, Eastland, in Chicago three years later, with more than 800 lives tragically and needlessly lost!
This book explains links to hundreds of Great Lakes people — both on boardTitanic, and on land; previously untold stories of survivors bound for the Great Lakes — and why they survived when others didn’t!; and MUCH MORE!
6″ x 9″ softcover, 319 pages, 
100+ black-and-white photos, 
plus drawings, maps, bibliography, and index. 
ISBN 0-9679976-0-7.


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