B5 Marine Boot


An insulated boot for drysuits with socks.

Sizing is measured in cm from heel to toe.

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There are several solutions that support drysuits with soft socks on the market. “Rock-Boots” is the common name for the group in general. But there are few boots that also support the insulation factor. The B5 neoprene boot is a sturdy rubber reinforced soft boot with several technical finesses. Like the adjustable ankle strap that secures the foot from slipping inside the boot. With well-defined fin strap stopper this boot will support a firm base for the fin in any situation. The upper part of the boot holds an adjustment strap to sit firm on the foot and also tightens the area where air and water otherwise would flow.

• 3.5mm Toughtex • Insulated • Ankle strap • Fin strap ridge • Top strap • Light weight • Slim fit on foot

Drysuit boot sizes: 23-32cm


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