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A true technical dive computer.

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  • Dive modes: Air, Nitrox, Gauge AVG, Full Trimix, CCR, Freediving
  • Settable mix: 10
  • Algorithms: Buhlmann ZHL-16B and VPM-B
  • Algorithm adjustment: User settable Gradient Factor and Critical Bubble Radius
  • Bezel: Stainless Steel
  • Top Glass: Mineral
  • Wireless transmitter: Compatible (Optional)
  • Display: 40mm, 80×80 pixel
  • Max Depth: 150m, 500ft

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A true Double Core Algorithm: 
Buhlmann ZHL16B + VPM-B

The iDive is the world’s first watch computer with a Double-Core Algorithm. 

Both pre-installed, in complete versions and running in Real Time.

You have just to choose from the iDive menu which Algorithm to use for your dive.

Real Time Algorithms.
Maximum of flexibility, reliability and performance.

The iDive series integrates the real and complete Algorithm to calculate your current tissue saturation and afterwards decompression profile in real time.

This allows to obtain reliable and very safe decompression profiles. Most dive computers algorithms make interpolation of stored data to calculate decompression profiles of the dive profile made by the diver. A cheap way to do it, but you have to adapt your dive to the profiles stored in the dive computer.

The iDive is neither more nor less conservative in comparison with the other computers. It is just “right”.

User Settable Gradient Factors and Critical Bubble Radius.

With the iDive you can adjust the Gradient Factors (for Buhlmann ZHL 16-B)
and the Critical Bubble Radius (for VPM-B)

Set the iDive’s Algorithm according to your physical conditions and to the type of dive you are going to perform directly from the menu of the iDive computer.
This is a true Technical Dive Computer.

It thinks like a Rebreather 

Set up to 3 different diluents and set
the Algoritm’s Gradient Factors (or Critical Bubble Radius for VPM)

Perfect backup for your Rebreather, the iDive Tech+ can be set exactly as the main computer of your rebreather.

User settable Deep Stop and Safety Stop 

Choose if you want the iDive to use the Deep Stops or not
and choose depth and time you prefer to perform the Safety Stop.

Compatible with the new Color-Coded Wireless Transmitter.

A state of the art Wireless Air Transmitter that flashes up in green, yellow or red according to your tank’s pressure during the whole dive.

You see your tank pressure from your iDive, your buddy or your instructor from your CC Transmitter.

Rechargeable with the same USB cable of the iDive.

Shield for iDive (Sold separately)
The best way to protect your iDive’s screen from scratches and bumps. It is almost impossible to pierce.

Self healing and Replaceable by the user.  Small scratches are self healed by the soft shell of the Shield, and if it is too scratched you can change it by yourself with a new one in few seconds.

Smart Edges design.
The iDive Sport bezel design has a dedicated slot for the Shield to prevent accidental lifts-off and to create a smooth design without edges.

Amazing Backlight.
New Led Super Bright technology. 

A bright full back light has never been seen before in a watch computer.

Big and  Bright  Data, You will read it just fine.

Size does matter:

The dive data on the iDive are from 15% to 30% bigger than the one of all the others watch-dive computers.
The display is a 80×80 pixel 100% matrix.

Bright, Brighter, Brightest!
Set the backlight and the contrast of the display as you prefer, the iDive has a long life USB rechargeable battery, use it as much as you want without the noise to change the battery.

Advanced management of the backlight:
Even the back light management is special in the iDive: totally automatic, totally manual or always on during the dive. You have just to choose!

The computer has Air, Nitrox, Gauge and Free diving modes and supports up to two gas mixes up to 99% oxygen. One of the unique features of the iDive is that it can be connected to the Ratio Oxygen Analyser via the interface port for onboard gas analysis.

The iDive Easy supports up to 2 of the Ratio Wireless Transmitters which allow cylinder pressure information to be displayed on the screen and used with various calculations.

The iDive Easy includes a interface cable that is used to charge the Li-ion battery from any USB socket. It also provides support for data download and firmware updates using the Ratio DiveLogger software.

Need manual or support?  Look here: Support.




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