Akona AQ-TEC Vest


Using the AQ-TEC thermal technology, this vest encompasses a full-front YKK salt-resistant zipper.



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This multi-purpose vest is a great layering piece for any activity. Using the AQ-TEC thermal technology, this vest encompasses a full-front YKK salt-resistant zipper. This vest is an ideal piece to wear on its own in warm water to prevent discomfort and provide protection from the elements or under any wetsuit.


  • AQ-TEC Patented 3-Ply Layers
  • Antimicrobial
  • Multi-watersport use
  • 50+ SPF UV Protection
  • Core warmth
  • Full-front YKK Salt-resistant Zipper
  • Available in sizes 2XS, XS, SM, MG, LG, XL, 2XL


AQ-TEC Features

Introducing Akona’s revolutionary thermal garment line: AQ-TEC. This multi-sport, thermal garment line uses the latest thermal technologies to provide comfortable, breathable, and flexible protection. The AQ-TEC thermal line combines Akona’s experience with their well-known wetsuit technology, with their passion for adventure in and around the water, to produce a truly versatile, lightweight multi-piece system. Whether worn as stand-alone garments or used in combination with other pieces to achieve multiple combination possibilities, the AQ-TEC material is beyond diverse.

The AQ-TEC material boasts a patented 3-Ply Layer Technology, consisting of a 4-way stretch fabric, water-resistant membrane and an inner thermal fleece lining. The AQ-TEC 4-way stretch material is durable, comfortable easy to don and doff, all while providing a 50+ SPF UV protection. The inner fleece layer draws moisture away from the skin and wicks through the breathable membrane, where it evaporates off the nylon surface. In the water, the membrane traps a thin layer next to the skin and prevents colder water flowing over the body. AQ-TEC is windproof, breathable, water-resistant with warming fleece, making each of its pieces ideal to pair with your usual gear.


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