Santi Gloves Combo+ Set


Keep your fingers warm.

Heated Gloves + Connector + SANTI Battery 6Ah
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Product Description

Heated Gloves:

  • maximum heating temperature 40°C,
  • maximum heating power: 30 W (pair),
  • run time:
    SANTI battery 6 Ah / about 2,5h of heating,
    10 Ah battery / about 4 hours of heating,
    20 Ah battery / about 8 hours of heating,
  • made of breathable fabric,
  • keeps you warm even when the heating is off,
  • evenly distributed heating wiring that allows for freedom of movements in palms,
  • easy connection to SANTI heated vest and undersuit,
  • CE certified.


Two functions in one device: drysuit inflation valve with integrated 12V connector.

  • 90° moveable valve head for more convenient hose attachment which allows for optimal E/O cord and pressure hose settlement under the drysuit,
  • includes E/O cord to connect with the battery and waterproof plug compatible with SANTI heating system products,
  • works with power supply no higher than 12V,
  • total length of the cables including plugs – about 55 cm,
  • ergonomic design,
  • includes valve-nut,
  • works also with Apeks nuts,
  • available with Apeks or Si-Tech screw size,
  • CE certified.

SANTI Battery 6Ah:                                                                       Halcyon Battery 20Ah:

  • NiMH design                                                                                       * Lithium Ion design
  • capacity: 6 Ah                                                                                      * capacity: 20 Ah
  • operating voltage: 12 V                                                                      * operating voltage: 12 V
  • height: 115 mm                                                                                    * height: 295 mm
  • diameter: 74 mm                                                                                 * diameter: 75 mm
  • E / O cord length: 60cm                                                                     * weight: 2.6 Kg
  • material: polyacetal / POM / Delrin
  • charging time: 4-5 hours
  • operation depth: 100m
  • weight: 0,68kg


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