Waterproof NORD X 300g Undersuit


With premium insulation and a comfortable design, the Waterproof NORD 300g Undersuit is a great addition to your undergarment collection — and it’s even warmer than the original!

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  • Premium insulation providing underwear in 300g
  • Quilted lining with a pre-compressed padding made of DuPont™ Sorona®
  • Breathable, lightweight, and water-resistant material that keeps in the warmth
  • The pre-compressed padding also has the advantage of less volume
  • Exceptional soft 4-way stretch material in addition to gusseted crotch and armpits which allows unrestricted movement
  • Low profile neck in soft fleece material with velcro closing
  • Long front zipper – the men’s model has a two-way zipper which can be opened both ways
  • Anatomical zipper-pullers for a secure grip
  • Cordura reinforced knees & elbows
  • Neoprene wrist cuffs with thumb loops
  • Elastic waistband for a snug fit
  • Vented shoulder panels
  • Snug-fit lower leg with wide foot straps
  • Pre-installed passages for pee valve hose on both sides
  • Two pockets at the hips and one chest pocket



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