Aqualung Express ADJ Fins


The perfect fin for both comfort and efficiency.


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Same great features at the Express but with an open foot pocket to wear with boots. Its Armadillo Hinge made of grooved elastic material at the base of the blade absorbs energy during the power stroke and releases it at the end of the kick cycle for a more efficient kick and reduced strain. Includes Spring Straps for easy on/off.

Technical Features:

  • Armadillo Power: Aqualung’s Armadillo Hinge at the blade base absorbs energy on the downstroke and releases it on the upstroke, giving you a power boost on every kick.
  • Full-Pocket Design: Foot pocket is made of a soft material of varying elasticity for comfort and efficiency.
  • Hydrodynamic: The rubber side ribs channel water down the length of the fin to reduce drag and maximize the efficiency of your kick.
  • Reduced Strain: This fin’s mid-foot flex joint attaches the blade to the side of the foot pocket to aid in energy transfer and reduce strain on your ankles and toes.


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