Waterproof Latex Dry Gloves


The Waterproof Latex Dry Gloves HD are lightweight and comfortable latex gloves for dry suits, made of high quality material and with excellent fit.

*Please note that these gloves are typically the short version as this is the most commonly used type. If you need the full length version, please contact us when you place your order*


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The Waterproof Latex Drygloves HD are very comfortable latex dry gloves because they feature an ergonomic 3-D shaped fit that gives your hand full freedom of movement.

For a good grip of the Waterproof Dry Gloves made of latex, the entire surface of the dry gloves was roughened, and the palm of the Waterproof Dry Gloves was provided with a solid coating which provides good hold, and also longevity.

The material of the latex gloves Waterproof Latex Drygloves HD is very light and elastic, so even underwater, under increased pressure, your hands will not be constricted.

Designed specifically for the SiTech Antares Dry Gloves System dry gloves system for dry suits, the Waterproof Latex Dry Gloves HD let you easily attach the Waterproof Latex Dry Gloves to your Waterproof Dry Suit or many other dry suits.

You can wear your Waterproof Latex Drygloves HD latex gloves on your bare hands when you are diving in warm water, and in cold water you can wear the available fluffy inner gloves to keep warm hands in icy water.

The matching SiTech Antares attachment system for dry gloves can also be found in our online dive shop.


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