rEvo Upgrade Kit 2012


The 2012 upgrade kit contains 4 new items that are standard on all rebreathers supplied starting January 1st, 2012.

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The 2012 upgrade kit contains 4 new items that are standard on all rebreathers supplied starting January 1st, 2012.


  1. The rEvo Checklist: the use of a check list during your rEvo course was already required for some time now. To make your checks even easier, rEvo produced a double-sided laser engraved checklist. One side contains the ‘closed check’ and the other side contains the ‘pre-jump check’. Details on the content of the checklist can be downloaded from the website. The checklist comes with a bolt-snap, so it can stay together with your unit.
  2. ‘TOP marker’: to ensure that divers don’t make errors when exchanging scrubbers, a marker is added on top of the canister on the exhale lung, indicating that the canister is placed on ‘TOP’ position in the rebreather. After a dive, when you want to exchange one scrubber (cycle), follow exactly this procedure:
    • Take the top canister with the ‘TOP’ marker out of your rebreather
    • Unscrew the ‘TOP’ marker from the canister and immediately empty that canister — you are now sure that you emptied the exhausted canister
    • Screw the ‘TOP’ marker on the remaining (full) canister and either put that canister in the upper position of the unit, or if you are finished diving, in a sealed container or plastic bag
    • Fill up the empty canister and put it in the lower position on the rebreather, or in a sealed container if you finished diving
    • Fill in your log that you refilled the bottom canister with fresh sorb
  3. Injection-molded sensor tray: the new injection-molded sensor tray allows fitting and removing of 5 sensors without unclipping any part. Installing of a sensor is now simply fitting the screw on the sensor and pushing it onto the tray. The new tray also allows fitting of all rMS components.
  4. Canister mesh w/ rubber-molded edge: was designed to avoid metal wires sticking out of the side of the canister mesh and to make filling/tapping of the canisters easier. A triangle-shaped rubber edge is molded on the mesh that closes on the top of each canister.

This upgrade kit is more economical than buying all items individually!


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