rEvo III Closed Circuit Rebreather

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Dual Scrubbers

The rEvo Rebreather Dual Scrubber System means that the rEvo uses significantly less CO2 absorbent than other rebreathers.

Choice of Electronics

Choose the right configuration of electronics to suit your diving needs. eCCR, mCCR or hCCR. Choose between Shearwater Petrel, Shearwater NERD, rEvodreams or any combination of the 3.

Choice of Size

The rEvo III Rebreather is available in Standard, Mini or Micro to ensure you get the most comfortable rebreather for you.

rMS System

The rMS System from rEvo Rebreathers provides an accurate assessment of when to change your CO2 Absorbent, making it the most efficient use of scrubbers on the market.


Dimension Height (with handle) Height (without handle) Width (no tanks) Thickness (incl wing and harness) Thickness (no wing and harness) CL Lung Volume
rEvo III Standard 63cm 58cm 38cm 22.5cm 20cm 7 litre
rEvo III Mini 58cm 53cm 38cm 22.5cm 20cm 6.5 litre
rEvo III Micro 54cm 48cm 35cm 22cm CE – 21cm non-CE 19.5cm CE – 18.5cm non-CE 5.5 litre CE – 4.5 litre non-CE


Weights Weight (Stainless Steel hCCR) Weight (Titanium hCCR) Weight (eXpedition hCCR)
rEvo III Standard 19.6kg 17.3kg 18kg
rEvo III Mini 19.4kg 17.1kg 17.8kg
rEvo III Micro 15.2kg 15.9kg
Sorb axial cannisters +2.7kg
Sorb radial cannisters +4.0kg
+1.6kg for extra cannisters

Set tanks incl. Fixation and Valve

Tanks Weight
R100 – 3L D100 10.84kg
R101 – 3L D110 8.44kg
R102 – 2L Steel 6.65kg
R103 – 2L Carbon 4.2kg


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