Jetstream Octopus


  • Upstream servo-assisted valve design
  • Provides lightest possible breathing effort
  • Durable chrome plated brass construction
  • Approved to EN250 cold water standard
  • Ideal for extreme diving conditions

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The Poseidon Jetstream Octopus is an Extremely High Performance Octopus Second Stage Regulator that will meet the demands of the most Extreme Diving Conditions. Controlling the Power of a Massive Airflow, Astonishingly reaching some 2100 liters/minute is an Engineering Challenge. The solution to this was to obtain a Precision Regulation, keeping Breathing Pressure to within +/- 5 mm w c throughout the Inhalation Cycle, regardless of Depth and Demand. Called a Upstream Servo-Assisted Valve, it works in the same way as does the Power Steering you may have on your car it’s all about Compensation. Prior to diving, when you Pressurize-the-Regulator, you hear a Swooshing” Sound of Streaming Air. The System is then activated. On Inhalation, the Forces from the Inhalation Diaphragm Easily overcome the Light Forces to Crack-Open or tilt” the Servo-Valve and in turn evacuate all Inner Volumes. The Regulators Bladder-Valve then collapses and in turn lets an amount of gas out, corresponding to the actual demand. This Technology ensures that the Lightest-Possible-Effort can result in an almost Limitless-Amount of Gas on Inhalation. All the more astonishing is the fact that Poseidon introduced this Technology to the market as far back as 1981. The Jetstream: Traditionally Popular with Technical Divers as well as the Swedish and US Navies. Easy-Breathing at any Depth, the Second Stage incorporates a Safety Valve that allows you to Continue Breathe Normally in the unlikely event of Abnormally High Pressure Air being delivered to the Second Stage. The Jetstream Octopus is approved to EN250 Cold Water Standard. The Regulator has a Durable PVC Housing with Chrome Plated Brass, Internal Mechanism and Rubber Parts ASA, TPU, Silicone, PU. Regulator comes with 38″ (90 cm) long 3/8″ Threaded Hose, weighs approximately 6.7 oz (I90 g), User Guide and is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.


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