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Buckles that go with the Grip6 belt.

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You won’t find any complicated ratcheting mechanisms, or a beefy bulky buckle that’s all teeth and no bite. You also won’t find any prongs, pins clamps or screws.  What you will find is an elegant solution to an age old problem.  Our buckles are designed to take full advantage of the material properties used in the construction of the belt. We’ve created a friction hold that holds so well we gave it the “Badgerbite” name. Once a GRIP6 belt is locked in place, it will hold over 250lbs of outward pressure.  We’ve tested dozens of daily-wear belts and most don’t just slip, they either deform or completely fail with as little as 50lbs of force applied.


 So many products today are made with cheap metals that fail under all but the most ideal circumstances.  Most belt manufacturers figure they can cover it up with a nice chrome finish and you’ll never know. Well, we don’t.  Our buckles are manufactured with certified 6061 T6 aluminum and then either anodized or powder-coated for a durable hardened finish.  When we say we want them to last for decades, we’re not kidding. Being an educated consumer starts with buying products that will last long enough earn their value back.  We design our buckles with materials and craftsmanship that will last several generations, not only earning it’s value several times over, but earning your trust at the same time.


The primary purpose of a belt is to keep your pants up, the second is to look good.  A good belt should be able to do both without excess bulk or unnecessary weight.  Our base buckle model is 24 grams, or nearly a quarter of the weight of the top selling buckles on Amazon. (90 grams) In fact, our entire base model belt comes in at 79 grams, that’s 12% lighter than our competitors buckle by itself!  The best part, is our buckles have been tested to hold over 250lbs of outward force so you don’t have to sacrifice performance by going light.


It may seem like a small detail, but our proprietary Fuselock Technology was developed from start to finish, right here at GRIP6.  We wanted a load-bearing locking end that could achieve higher breaking strengths while maintaining our signature low-profile design. After a year of development and months of testing, we officially began production in the fall of 2017.  The new Fuselock ends are rated to withstand over 250 lbs of outward pressure while improving the overall finish of our belts.  While only available on our 1.5″ models, we are beginning construction on a new injection machine to handle our narrow webbing.  By fall of 2018, all GRIP6 belts will feature our Fuselock technology.


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