Double Video Pro 3800 Flood With 12″ Camera Tray


New Camera Tray 12″ Complete Wide-angle Photographer kit, for compact and mirrorless camera systems, this new bigger tray provides a stable lighting platform to elevate your underwater imagery.



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This kit includes two Sola Video Pro 3800 lights, the ultimate light for wide-angle photography.  The Sola Video Pro casts a diffuse flood beam with super-smooth, super-even coverage with an almost imperceptible fall-off that is perfect for wide-angle coverage. The compact, lightweight body is easy to travel and dive with. The top-mounted sliding push-switch provides fast and easy access to three power modes and an emergency strobe. It features both a mechanical and a digital lock to prevent accidental activation in transit. Three colored LEDs indicate battery status and the currently selected power mode. The light outputs up to 3,800 lumens in a wide 110-degree beam. Its wide beam angle disperses the light over a much wider area. Coverage from one Sola is plenty wide for medium-sized cameras, but a pair of lights may be required for ideal exposure.


  • Camera Tray 12″ Complete Wide-angle Photographer kit includes two Sola Video Pro 3800 lights.
  • 3800-lumen flood output certified to the FL-1 Standard
  • Regulated output ensures light does not dim in use; custom firmware keeps lumens consistent
  • 110° flood beam designed for wide-angle video
  • Custom optics produce a clean beam void of distracting hot spots or harsh edges
  • Colored Status LED for battery and mode indication for easy power management
  • The factory-sealed body ensures flood-free performance and long-term reliability
  • External wet charge interface means recharging is quick and dependable
  • Travel-friendly design with minimal weight or bulk approved for carry-on and check-in luggage
  • Includes 12″  complete camera tray and Loc-Line arms ideal for mounting GoPro and mirrorless camera systems, Camera Not Included.


  • Lumins Output: High (3800), Medium (1900), Low (950)
  • Charge time:  105 Min
  • Beam Angle: 110° (flood)
  • IP Rating (FL-1): 68
  • Depth Rating (FL-1): 100 meters
  • Impact Resistance (FL-1): 1 meter
  • Thermal Management: Passive Cooling
  • Fast Charge: False
  • Product Dimensions: 4″ x 2.1″ x 2.1″


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