Oceanic+ Dive Housing allows you to take great photos with automatic color-correction on your iPhone when diving or during any water adventure

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With the Oceanic+ app and Dive Housing, your iPhone also becomes a fully-functional dive computer.

One app, one subscription, two devices! With the Oceanic+ app, you can use the same subscription for both the Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone. This allows you to have two units sharing the same subscription to save you money. It also provides greater redundancy for diving with both the Apple Watch Ultra and iPhone with Oceanic+ Dive Housing. At the end of each dive, the primary computer will be selected for your dive data.


Photos and Video

• Advanced Photo and Video Features, Including Digital
Color Correction Filters for the best images possible
• Camera modes, both photo and video
• Pictures are saved directly to your iPhone Photos App
• Enhanced pictures with Dive Data
• Share photos and profiles through social networks
• Works with ultra-wide lens features on iPhones
• Photos and videos are automatically added to your
Oceanic+ Logbook
• Capture RAW and Compressed Media
• Record media files in RAW and Compressed formats
• White point correction for depth-adaptive
• Enchance color accuracy with the Underwater Light

Dive Housing

• Step-by-step Instructions in the Oceanic+ app
• Automatic Vacuum Pump with Seal Check/Integrated
Leak Detector
• Integrated Depth and Temperature Sensors
• Maximum Operating Depth 196 feet (60 meters)
• Durable Material
• Rechargeable Lithium Battery via Included USB-C
• Electronic Bluetooth® Interface
• User Interface Controlled by Directional Pad
• Ergonomic Over-molded Handle for Excellent Grip
• Includes a Thermoformed Travel Box
• Compatible with iOS16 and Above with iPhones SE
2nd gen and newer
• Standard Accessory Attachment for 1/4” – 20 UNC
Thread (Right)
• Wrist Lanyard Included

Dive Computer

• Dive Computer Overlay Functions When Taking Pictures or
• Dive Log Synchronization
• Variometer (Ascent Rate
• Maximum Operating Depth of 196 feet (60 meters)
• Time
• Minute to Surface
• No Decompression Time
• Safety Warnings
• Safety Stop
• Time To Surface
• Decompression Stops
• Nitrox Ready up to 40%
• CNS + PPO2
• Pre-dive Menu
• Compass
• GPS Location
• Total Dive Time
• Max Depth
• Gas Mix
• Conservatism
• Gradient Factors Using Unmodified Bühlmann ZHL-16C
• Automatic Adjustment for Altitude
• Surface Intervals
• No Fly Time
• Logbook
• Gear Locker
• Share Your Dive
• Surface Mode
• Lifetime Stats, Season Stats and Stats by Activity


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