Fourth Element Arctic Leggings (Men’s)


The Arctic leggings feature secure foot loops to keep leggings in place when donning the drysuit.


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Backed by years of field testing by the Norwegian Navy, the British Antarctic Survey Dive Team, the French Marines and the Danish Navy, the Arctic was designed using high technology fabrics and has been tested in real diving conditions from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

A high waistband ensures that separation of top and leggings is minimized. Tuck the top into the waistband before donning the drysuit. The lower legs are single layered to prevent too much bulk around the ankles making donning easier. Short and regular leg lengths are available.

  • Using a combination of fast wicking, high insulation fabrics, the Arctic creates a micro climate around the diver, keeping the body dry and warm. A high density inner fleece provides superior insulation, with maximum comfort and wicking, whilst the outer layer, which has a water repellent finish, ensures a snug fit.
  • The Arctic requires less loft to perform due to more effective management of air which is held in the fibers of the suit. Instead of maximizing the thickness of the layer of air near the skin, the Arctic minimizes the movement of air within, reducing the rate of cooling, without any risk of trapping the air and preventing its release from the dump valve.
  • The Arctic retains a significant degree of its thermal performance when wet, such that wearers have found it possible to complete dives in relative comfort after even the most fundamental drysuit failures. In some cases, divers have not noticed a leak in a neck or wrist seal until after the dive, such is the performance of the fourth element Arctic.
  • For easy donning. Furthermore, unlike other under-suits on the market, the Arctic under-suit is machine washable. Wash cool with half the usual amount of detergent. Spin and line dry, DO NOT tumble dry.
  • A pocket on the upper right arm for small valuables. Furthermore, unlike other under-suits on the market, the Arctic under-suit is machine washable. Wash cool with half the usual amount of detergent. Spin and line dry, DO NOT tumble dry.

Pete Mesley Rebreather Diver and Deep Wreck Explorer

Sizing Chart

Use the table below as a guide to help select which size Arctic undersuit best suits your body type.
If you require any further assistance/advice please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please Note that we will now be using single sizes on all women’s products. Some stock may still be labelled with split sizing. In this case, please use the first of the two sizes e.g. a garment labelled 10/12 equates to size 10.

* Inside Leg Measurements are taken from the crotch to the floor.

Mens Sizes

Sizes Height Chest Waist Inside Leg*
Inches Cm Inches Cm Inches Cm Inches Cm
XS 5’5″-5’8″ 165-172.5 30-34″ 76-86 23-27″ 58-68 30-31.5″ 76-80
S Short 5’5″-5’8″ 165-172.5 34-38″ 86-96 27-30.5″ 68-78 30-31.5″ 76-80
S 5’7″-5’10” 170-178 34-38″ 86-96 27-30.5″ 68-78 31-32.5″ 79-83
M Short 5’7″-5’10” 170-178 38-41.5″ 96-106 30.5-34.5″ 78-88 31-32.5″ 79-83
M 5’9″-6’0″ 175.5-183 38-41.5″ 96-106 30.5-34.5″ 78-88 32.5-34″ 82-86
L Short 5’9″-6’0″ 175.5-183 41.5-45.5″ 106-116 34.5-38.5″ 88-98 32.5-34″ 82-86
L 5’11”-6’2″ 180.5-188 41.5-45.5″ 106-116 34.5-38.5″ 88-98 33.5-35″ 85-89
XL Short 5’11”-6’2″ 180.5-188 45.5-49.5″ 116-126 38.5-42.5″ 98-108 33.5-35″ 85-89
XL 6’1″-6’4″ 185.5-193 45.5-49.5″ 116-126 38.5-42.5″ 98-108 34.5-36″ 88-92
XXL Short 6’1″-6’4″ 185.5-193 49.5-53.5″ 126-136 42.5-46.5″ 108-118 34.5-36″ 88-92
XXL 6’3″-6’6″ 190.5-198 49.5-53.5″ 126-136 42.5-46.5″ 108-118 36-37.5″ 91-95
XXXL Short 6’3″-6’6″ 190.5-198 53.5-57.5″ 136-146 46.5-50.5″ 118-128 36-37.5″ 91-95
XXXL 6’5″-6’8″ 195.5-203 53.5-57.5″ 136-146 46.5-50.5″ 118-128 37-38.5″ 94-98


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