Aqualung Stratos 3 Full Foot Fin


The best all-around full-foot fin for warm water.


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The best all-around full-foot fin for warm water. And it’s so durable, it passed every anti-shock and stress test Aqualung subjected it to! But Stratos 3 doesn’t compromise on price or comfort: it’s lightweight and affordable. The four-channel structure forces water to flow along the blade for heightened swim performance.

Technical Features:

  • Torsion Energy Point: Aqualung targeted the bending point in this fin and moved it backward to create a more powerful kick with less effort.
  • Full-Pocket Design: High comfort, no boots required. Full-pocket fins give you increased perception of your kicks effect on the water.
  • Stable Fit: Grip on inner sole ensures stability by preventing your feet from sliding around inside the fin.
  • A Blade Designed for Power: Made of strong and elastic technopolymers, this blade has a four-channel structure for better hydrodynamics and side wings to enhance swim performance and stability.


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