Light Monkey 24 Watt Fixed Focus


The Light Monkey 24 watt fixed focus LED lights are available in 3 different canister sizes based on the batteries used and burn time desired.

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All canister sizes offer the complete 24 Watt output design using a Cree emitter with the Light Monkey custom reflector. The result is a laser-tight center spot as needed for signaling and the perfect amount of spill around the side to give more peripheral light. Light Monkey emitters with specifically designed optics help to provide a tight beam for cutting through low-visibility water that allows for effective signaling to other divers.

The canister body is machined from a solid block of Delrin and has a maximum operating depth of ( 500 ft | 152 m ). Locking latches are used to help prevent accidental opening of a latch under water.  Power is provided to the head through matching male connectors embedded in the lid. The system has a provision for closing the lid such that the contacts are electrically isolated for travel. The canister lid also contains the canister o-ring.

The Light Monkey light systems use a lithium chemistry rechargeable battery that has a high energy density, very good cycle life and is environmentally friendly. In addition, lithium chemistry batteries can be stored for several months without significantly losing charge. The included Universal Lithium Chemistry Smart Charger automatically adjusts to 110/220V current and 50/60Hz frequency. A US power cord is included with other cords available. All sizes of the sealed lithium battery have an equivalent lithium content well below the TSA 25 gram ELC threshold and, when stored in the electrically isolated lid position, does not have any TSA travel restrictions.

The ON/OFF toggle switch is recessed into the top of the “sidemount” canister lid and “protected” on the standard canister lid to prevent accidental activation. Once the light is switched on you then have the fine tune brightness controls on the light head directly with the rugged “piezo” button. The simple yet durable “piezo” button switch directly on the light head portion allows for very convenient one touch “OUTPUT” control while swimming.

The unique light head design allows you to FOCUS the light beam as needed for the diving environment. Here’s how it works: to focus, simply turn the knob on the side of the light head to your desired beam tightness. To change the level of brightness, press and hold the Piezo to reduce the light output. Tap the Piezo to bring the brightness back up. At the lowest setting, press and hold the Piezo to turn the light head off. To turn it back on, simply tap the Piezo. To access the SOS mode, press and hold the Piezo to shut the light off, then press and hold again until the lamp begins flashing. To get out of SOS mode, press and hold the Piezo for five seconds to shut the light off, then tap the Piezo to turn it back on.

The 24 FF offers Five (5) light settings with a maximum burn time on HIGH setting for the 10 Amp being 260 minutes while the 15 Amp offers 450 minutes. The lights will burn substantially longer power at lower settings if required.

6000 Kelvin Color

Level 5 – 2000 Lumen
Level 4 – 1060 Lumen
Level 3 –   460 Lumen
Level 2 –   130 Lumen
Level 1 –     20 Lumen

UN 38.3 Test Compliant

Lumen output is EXACTLY the same for all canisters; the only difference is burn time.

10 amp:

Powered by two 5.2aH (57.5wH) Li-Ion batteries 
260 minutes of burn time at Level 5 (21.6 days at Level 1)
Length – 9″ (22.7 cm) 
Diameter – 2.75″ (7 cm) 
Dry Weight – 4.5 lbs (2 kg) 
Negative in Water – 1 lbs (.45 kg)
Recharge time from complete discharge – 6 hours

15 amp:

Powered by one 10.4aH (115wH) and one 5.2aH (57.5wH) Li-ion batteries
450 minutes of burn time at Level 5 (32.5 days at Level 1)
Length – 11″ (28 cm) 
Diameter – 2.75″ (7 cm) 
Dry Weight – 5.25 lbs (2.4 kg)
Negative in Water – 1.75 lbs (.8 kg)
Recharge time from complete discharge – 9 hours

20 amp:

Powered by two 10.4aH (115wH)  Li-Ion batteries 
520 minutes of burn time at Level 5 (43.3 days at Level 1)
Length – 12″ (30.5 cm) 
Diameter – 3″ (7.62 cm)
Dry Weight – 6.3 lbs (2.8 kg)
Negative in Water –  1.25 lbs (.6 kg) 
Recharge time from complete discharge – 12 hours



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