Aqualung Liquid Grip Glove


The Aqualung Liquid Grip Gloves are made for comfort and purpose.

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Aqualung’s premium glove, Liquid Grip is the ultimate choice for a range of water temperatures and dive activities. Embossed, no-slip grip covers the palms and wraps around the thumb, index finger, and fingertips for ultimate comfort. Liquid rubber-coated seams and fused cuffs are designed for longevity, even when exposed to harsh elements and abrasion.


  • Premium Grip: embossed grip lets you keep a firm hold on your knife and other expensive gear. Make underwater adjustments without fumbling.
  • Warm: 3mm and 5mm thicknesses.
  • Durable: Liquid rubber-coated seams. Edges are fused with Aqualung’s unique X-Tend cuff finish that preserves stretch and has a polished look that is also extremely durable.
  • Pull-On Style: no straps to adjust.


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