Waterproof H30 2mm Unisex Hood


The H30 2mm Full Hood is designed with tropical water diving in mind.

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Part of the Waterproof Sports Series, the H30 2mm Full Hood is designed with tropical water diving in mind. Comprised of the same 100% Microcell CR Neoprene as many of the Waterproof Wetsuit range uses, this hood is designed to be durable while still offering great insulation. The Microcell CR is more effective than other of the neoprene compositions and provides extra levels of comfort while remaining insulated, something which is highly sought after in a hood. Extra durability is provided by bonded high quality nylon thread.


  • Built To Last – Comprised of 100% Microcell CR Neoprene, the H30 Hood is designed to survive more than the average wear and tear.
  • Built For Comfort – The Microcell CR Neoprene is also built with comfort in mind, the neoprene is highly flexible to make it as comfortable even after hours of use.
  • Great Insulation – The neoprene also provides great levels of insulation, meaning that the hood will keep your warm while in the water.
  • Extra Strength – With high quality bonded nylon thread, the H30 has extra levels of durability to make sure that the hood lasts for a long time on multiple trips.


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