Apeks XTX200 Regulator Set


The XTX 200 is second only to the XTX Tungsten and quite rightly enjoys its position towards the top of the Apeks regulator range. The definitive blend of style and high performance, every detail on this product has been carefully designed to offer a regulator of the highest quality.

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The XTX200 is the flagship of the Apeks Regulator range and the definitive blend of style and high performance. Every detail has been carefully designed to offer a high quality piece of equipment.


  • Uses the proven “FSR” type first stage
  • Features a bright chrome finish
  • All medium pressure ports are 3/8″ so that the reversible XTX second stage can mount to either side of the first stage
  • The over-balancing feature allows the medium pressure air in the hose to increase at a rate faster than ambient pressure, resulting in superior performance
  • Comes standard with an environmental dry kit which keeps water and contaminants out as well as makes the model more resistant to freezing
  • Compatible to EAN40 new, out of the box
  • Although shipped in a standard right-hand configuration, this second stage can be reversed into a left-hand configuration by an Authorized Apeks technician
  • Features the Diver Changeable Exhaust (DCE) System. This system gives the diver the ability to change from a large exhaust tee to a smaller exhaust tee. The large tee provides the best exhaust bubble dispersion; the smaller tee is lighter weight and compact. The regulator comes with both sets of exhaust tees.
  • This pneumatically balanced second stage has diver-adjustable controls for opening effort and venturi control
  • Suitable for cold water use


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