ScubaPro AIR2 5th Gen


An octo/inflator combines a backup regulator with a BC’s buoyancy control system in one compact, at-the-ready unit.

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  • Test-proven breathing performance and cracking effort surpass many traditional downstream second stages when it comes to ease of breathing.
  • Dive/pre-dive switch lets you detune the unit when not in use, eliminating free flows.
  • Flexible purge cover is easy to locate and depress for quick clearing.
  • Power inflate and deflate buttons are positioned on top of the housing for easy buoyancy control.
  • Power inflate button features a lighter lever for easy inflation.
  • Power inflate and deflate buttons can be differentiated by color and touch due to their different shapes and sizes, improving ascent control and safety when inflating or deflating the BCD.
  • CE certified EN250A(>10°C/50°F warm water test controls) as a second stage regulator.


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