Sherwood Oasis Pro Regulator


The Oasis Pro is Sherwood’s best moisture retention system to date.

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The Oasis Pro is recognized for its unique feature: the Moisture Retention Vanes (MRV) System. The Oasis Pro is Sherwood’s best moisture retention system to date. The MRV provides the diver with moisture during inhalation without impacting the breathing performance. The 9000 Series 1st Stage is a unique and patented design featuring Sherwood’s Air-Assisted Depth-Compensation (A2-DC) Technology. A2-DC responds to ambient pressure changes and uses internal pneumatic force to compensate the chamber. The results are an environmentally sealed and dry 1st Stage that is very responsive to external changing pressures.

9000 1st Stage:

  • Four LP Ports and Two HP Ports
  • Environmentally Sealed and Dry – minimal corrosion extends regulator performance
  • Flow-By Piston
  • A2-DC Balanced Regulator

Oasis Pro 2nd Stage:

  • The MRV, dual Vane System uses two similarly shaped vanes; the lower vanes; the lower vane is solid and the top vane has 5 moisture capturing vents. The moisture is captured between the two vanes and upon inhalation the moisture returns to the diver.
  • Free Parts for Life (Restrictions Apply)

*This regulator is suitable for water temperatures warmer than 50°F (10°C).


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